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Is the Ketogenic Diet a Good Fit for You ?


Are you interested in weight loss ? Are you tired of low or non-fat diets and craving your high-fat meats? You may well plan to take a keto diet , the new child on the block . Supported by numerous famous individuals such as Halle Berry , LeBron James , and Kim Kardashian , the keto diet has been much debate between dieticians and doctors. Wonder if the keto diet is safe and appropriate for you ?

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  What's the ketogenic diet ?



You must know that the body uses sugar as glycogen to work. The minimal sugar diet forces your body to use fat as fuel rather than sugar as it doesn't have enough sugar. When the body doesn't receive enough energy sugar , the liver is forced to convert the available fat into ketones that the organism uses for fuel – hence the term ketogenic. 


This diet is a high-fat diet with moderate protein levels. Depending on your carb intake, the body reaches a ketosis state in less than a week and remains there. As fat is used for fuel instead of sugar, weight loss is dramatic without any supposed calorie restriction .


The keto diet is crucial that 60%–75% of your daily calories are derived from fat , 15%–30% protein, and only 5%–10% carbohydrates. This usually means that only 20-50 g of carbs can be eaten in one day .



What are you able to eat on a diet ?


  The diet is a fat diet somewhat similar to Atkins. However, more emphasis is given to fats , often 'good' fats. You can have on the keto diet .

    ·         Olive Oil

    ·         Oil from coconut.

    ·         Oils of nut oils

    ·         Butter\sGhee

    ·         Beef fed with grass

    ·         Chicken\sFish

    ·         Additional meats

    ·         Complete fat cheese

    ·         Eggs

    ·         Cream

    ·         Greens Leafy

    ·         Non-starchy plants

    ·         Nuts

    ·         Seeds


You can also get a wide range of snacks for keto followers. Fruit is limited , as you can see from this list. You can have small amounts of low-sugar fruit (mainly beans) but forget your favorite fruits because they are all sweet and starchy .




This diet does not include grain, starchy vegetables, including potatoes and all tubers , sugar and sweets , bread and cakes, lentils and beans, pasta, pizza and burgers, and very little alcohol. This also means no milk-based coffee or tea - indeed, no milk , ice cream , or desserts based on milk .




Most of these have working solutions , such as carbohydrate-free pasta and pizza, cauliflower rice, and restaurants for those who love cauliflower .






What are the advantages of a keto diet ?



If you wonder if this diet is safe , it is undoubtedly acceptable for its proponents and those who have achieved their weight loss targets. One of the advantages of the keto diet is that .




    ·         Weight loss Lower or no sugar spikes

    ·         Control of appetite

    ·         Effect of seizure control

    ·         Blood pressure normalizes in patients with high blood pressure

    ·         Reduced migraine attacks

    ·         Patients with Type 2 diabetes in this diet can reduce their medication

    ·         Some benefits for cancer patients



Besides the first four , there is insufficient evidence to support their efficacy and other diseases, given that further research is required in the long run .