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Is It Safe For Women To Avoid The Keto Diet ?

The Keto Diet has become a popular subject in the gym. It has been found to help weight loss and lower inflammation in the intestine. New research has demonstrated positive effects for both men and women who follow a Keto-style diet .

Is It Safe For Women To Avoid The Keto Diet?


What's the diet of Keto ?


First, a ketogenic or ketogenic diet is designed to keep your body in ketosis . Ketosis is not abnormal ; it is not abnormal. It is a state in which your body has low carbon fuel. When that happens , it begins to burn fat instead of carbs . This process generates ketones . The average person is not ketogenic except in heavy exercises like CrossFit or pregnancy .



A ketogenicdiet encourages very low carbohydrates and higher intakes of fat. In turn , the body uses fat to generate energy . This diet has also been shown to reduce autoimmune diseases , endocrine diseases and cancer-fighting. Ketosis can be a diabetic problem. This can happen if not enough insulin is used .




How does Keto benefit athletes from CrossFit ?


As mentioned earlier, a ketogenic diet helps to burn fat and thereby loses weight. This low-carb diet resembles the Paleo Diet . We are a strong proponent of Paleo because it promotes better protein than carbs for fuel . As we have mentioned previously, the keto diet uses fat instead of protein for fuel .



A keto and paleo diet both burn fat and maintain muscle content. A high-level athlete such as CrossFit will experience increased energy and fat loss without decreasing muscle mass .




Why is Keto Diet for women good ?


The advantages of a woman on this diet are surprisingly good. A keto diet has an incredible way to support the endocrine system and weight loss and muscle gain . We all know the effect hormones have on the athlete of the woman. Hormones fluctuated can cause pain , fatigue and even depression .



There is no denying the link between hormones and cancer. A keto diet has shown that it better regulates the endocrine system . By doing so , the incidence of certain cancers, thyroid diseases and diabetes decrease .




How are women starting a keto diet ?


Slowly and attentively. A ketogenic diet should not be initiated at 100%. It would help if you slowly decreased your consumption of carbs. Too fast cutting of carbs can have a negative effect. It can stress and confuse the body, resulting in a wild imbalance . 


You should also not use a keto diet if you are pregnant or nursing . Eat a well-rounded diet of fruits, vegetables, dairy products and grains during this period. My best advice is to keep your body stable and then slowly include a ketogenicdiet .